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I'm Tracy, the creator of Sexy Ageing and your friend through this complicated journey.

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Get to know Tracy


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Tracy Minnoch-Nuku (B.Ph.Ed - Otago, NZ and MBA, Vic, Melb.) is an educated and experienced advocate for women's health and fitness.

With over 30 years in the fitness industry, Tracy began her career as a Group Fitness Teacher and Personal Trainer where she transformed bodies and lives through fitness and nutrition. Tracy spent 20 years in Asia building teams and programs for Fitness First Asia, Les Mills Asia Pacific and as the Co-Founder of Fire Fitness.

Tracy’s own experience with menopause was messy. Without any prior warning, her symptoms began to accelerate and negatively impacted on her physical and mental health, work life and relationships.


After the trials and tribulations of navigating through the tumultuous journey of menopause, Tracy realised how many other women were also facing difficulties - lacking the necessary support and guidance. Thus, Tracy's personal mission to help mid-life women through this challenging time began. 

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Sexy Ageing's Story

How it started, how we've been growing, and what we want to achieve.  

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It began with a book...

After braving through 29 out of  35 menopause symptoms, Tracy was committed to learning everything she could about menopause and more importantly, sharing it with everyone through her book 'My Menopause Memoir'. The book touched hearts and resonated with many women around the world.

We then grew into a podcast.

 The Sexy Ageing Podcast was an opportunity for Tracy to have conversations with other midlife women and experts on menopause - gathering facts, inspiration and breaking down the walls on the menopause conversation.

We started building a strong community.

Tracy started growing a community online, connecting with many women across social media, sharing her tips and helping them manage their menopause symptoms. This connection goes beyond the internet with the opportunity to join Tracy for workshops and retreats around the world.

We want to grow our community and help as many women as we can with more resources.

Our Difference

We Empathise.

We know how you feel. We've actually been through it. We know how hard it is to access the facts and support. 

You have found us and you are not alone!



With 30 years of experience in fitness and nutrition, Tracy is a well respected Womens health and fitness authority We only provide scientifically-backed information.



We genuinely want to help because we know how tough this journey can be. We recommend things people, products and services we trust and we will be here for you every step of your journey.

Manage your menopause with Sexy Ageing

Join us today and get access to all our resources and a supportive community to help you navigate through this challenging period.

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