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About Tracy

Tracy Minnoch-Nuku (B.Ph.Ed - Otago, NZ and MBA, Vic, Melb.) is an educated and experienced advocate for women's health and fitness. With over 30 years in the fitness industry, Tracy began her career as a Group Fitness Teacher and Personal Trainer where she transformed bodies and lives through fitness and nutrition. Tracy spent 20 years developing teams and fitness training programs in Asia - live, online and through fitness apps. Tracy’s own experience with menopause was messy. Without any prior warning, her symptoms began to accelerate and negatively impacted on her physical and mental health, work life and relationships. Tracy documents all of her symptoms and experiences in her book “My Menopause Memoir” as well as through her highly acclaimed podcast “Sexy Ageing”.
Tracy Minnoch-Nuku Sexy Ageing

My Menopause Memoir

Planning my Fabulous 50th and I smacked into the throes of perimenopause - but I'd never heard of it! Hot flashes, night sweats, brain fog, anxiety and no one to talk to about it. Even my GP hadn't mentioned the pending hormonal changes. Once I could wrap my head around the 35 recognised syptoms (and counting) and that I had 29 of these, I committed to learning everything I could and telling everyone I could. My journey through menopause has had trauma, heartbreak, humour and enlightenment. While I share my personal experience about each perimenopause symptom, I navigate conversations with experts from around the world for my podcast "Sexy Ageing" and learn that there are many things we can do to support our menopause transition - both naturally and medically. Each symptom is broken down into a story that you can probably relate to, an explanation of what is happening in the body to cause that symptom and then top tips to support you as recommended by the experts in this field. My experience is supported by other women's stories and from their sharing, we learn that every woman's journey is different.
My Menopause Memoir book

Sexy Ageing Podcast

Sexy Ageing - a community celebrating the gift of ageing and debunking the notion that life after 40 is all “downhill”. Ageing for women has changed and you can reap the benefits of knowledge and hindsight. Tune in for insights with some of the world's inspirational women on how to successfully navigate the changes to your body and mind.
Sexy Ageing Podcast with Tracy Minnoch-Nuku