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The complete roadmap to navigate menopause
on your terms.

Understand your symptoms and re-define your menopause journey with our educational resources, expert guidance, and supportive community. 

Your menopause symptoms feel out of control.

We know what it feels like - the never-ending symptoms that seem to overshadow every aspect of our daily lives. But don't worry, there's hope. You can manage these symptoms and regain control over your life. How can we be so certain?

Because we've been there, come through it, and now we're here to help you. 

Sexy Ageing is your one-stop resource hub where you'll find everything you need to understand and manage your symptoms. With expert guidance and scientifically-backed information covering nutrition, fitness, and mental wellness, we're here to help you navigate and re-define your menopause journey. 


Get started and check out some of our key resources below!

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Sexy Ageing Podcast

Tune in regularly for conversations with global experts and change makers for insights on how to successfully navigate the changes to your body and mind during this challenging life stage. 

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Sexy Ageing Blog

Trending and relevant topics on menopause health written to simplify the confusing symptoms of menopause and provide evidence-based support, resources and tools. 

Pastel Gradient
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Get started on your fitness and wellness journey with custom workouts designed to help you manage menopause symptoms. Daily tips related to menopause health, inform and educate as you start to feel stronger, healthier and a better version of yourself

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Books & Guides

For women just like YOU, navigating ALL the symptoms of menopause can be a challenge. Tracy wrote "My Menopause Memoir" to unpack the 35+ symptoms, give true-to-life examples and a platform for other women to share their experiences.

Our Testimonials

The Sexy Ageing Fitness APP is a one-of-a-kind fitness and lifestyle tool that I can't do without. The workouts and information are exactly what I needed to build on my health through menopause - loving it!

Stella - New Zealand


 Empower your menopause journey

Identify and understand the signs and symptoms of menopause, and learn how to manage them for a stronger, healthier, and happier version of yourself. 

Join Sexy Ageing today for access to all of our resources and to connect with a community of like minded individuals looking to successfully navigate this journey.

For our existing Sexy Ageing members, we're excited to inform you that a brand new Sexy Ageing is coming to you soon as we upgrade from our previous website.

Stay tuned for more exciting content and new features!

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